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The power of the 'purple pound' explained (22/2/2017)
BBC News looks at the idea of the "purple pound" and how much it is worth to the economy....

The people with arthritis struggling to work (22/2/2017)
How do people trying to juggle stay in work with a painful and debilitating condition like arthritis?...

Work-around: The disabled people creating bespoke businesses (22/2/2017)
The business people with life-changing injuries and illnesses who created bespoke jobs....

Textbook royal (22/2/2017)
The best teachers go beyond academic lessons to pass on lessons in compassion, says Prince Harry....

Supermarket sourcing (22/2/2017)
Importing food is getting more expensive so why don't UK supermarkets get more of their supplies from home?...

Diversifying the United States' coal country (22/2/2017)
Not everyone in the US's coal country is waiting for mining to return, they are looking to diversify....

'I wondered if I just wasn't good enough' (22/2/2017)
Tom Cowley, who is autistic, dreamt of creating computer games, but struggled to find employment. But now an IT firm is harnessing the unique qualities of autistic people....

Champagne pops back into Irish CPI basket (22/2/2017)
Champagne is making a comeback a decade after the bubble burst for the Republic of Ireland's 'Celtic Tiger' economy....

Scammers taking control of computers, experts warn (22/2/2017)
Consumers are being warned about fraudsters who offer help with computer printers, then demand money....

The man championing wheelchair tourism in Brazil (22/2/2017)
Brazilian Ricardo Shimosakai is a tourist agent who specialises in finding holiday packages for people with mobility issues....


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