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Toughest lessons (18/10/2017)
A student who faced torture and imprisonment in Syria's civil war is starting her life again at a university in Canada...

Health risks (18/10/2017)
Health risks and job losses are among the harms many in China face in the push for economic change....

Wine on the edge (18/10/2017)
How Canadian winemaker Norman Hardie is able to make award-winning wines, despite winter temperatures so cold it can kill his vines....

What has China's president Xi Jinping achieved so far? (18/10/2017)
Chinese president Xi Jinping will be confirmed for a second five-year term this month....

Putting Canadian wine on the map (18/10/2017)
How the wines of Canadian winemaker Norman Hardie are winning a growing number of fans around the world....

Sainsbury's to cut 2,000 jobs in cost-saving drive (18/10/2017)
The UK supermarket plans to cut jobs in human resources as part of a £500m cost-saving plan....

How wide is Aldi and Lidl's appeal among the better off? (18/10/2017)
As supermarkets fight tooth and claw for our custom how widely do discounters appeal to the better off?...

Ugg: The battle over an iconic Australian boot (18/10/2017)
The name "ugg" is a generic term in Australia, but its US definition is prompting a legal challenge....

Australia's Crown casino denies slot-machine 'tampering' (18/10/2017)
Australia's parliament hears claims that Crown casino deliberately removed betting options....

Rio Tinto charged with fraud by US authorities (18/10/2017)
The mining giant also paid £27m to UK regulators for breaching rules when buying African coal assets....


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