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British Veterinary Association slams designer cat breeding (28/4/2017)
Scottish Fold cats have increased in popularity through social media....

Government bid to delay air pollution plan fails (28/4/2017)
The UK Government has lost a court bid to delay publication of its air pollution strategy....

Physics of throwing analysed by scientists (27/4/2017)
Scientists have calculated the optimal strategy for throwing something accurately, even a ball of paper....

Builders 'behind UK flooding risk' (27/4/2017)
Government rapped again for failure to tighten flood-prevention rules on new homes...

'Fossil' groundwater's modern secret (27/4/2017)
The deepest and oldest waters on Earth are not immune from contamination, warn scientists....

Baby humpback whales 'whisper' to mums to avoid predators (27/4/2017)
New recordings show newborn humpback whales and mothers "whisper" to each other, to avoid predators....

Brexit university ?brain drain? warning (26/4/2017)
Academic staff from EU countries should be urgently guaranteed a right to stay, say MPs....

'World's oldest fungus' raises evolution questions (26/4/2017)
Fossils found in rock from beneath the sea may be the oldest known fungi by one to two billion years....

Iceberg 'doodles' trace climate history (26/4/2017)
Scientists publish a new atlas of the poles, detailing the sometimes strange shapes on the ocean floor....

Cassini set for first Saturn gap plunge (26/4/2017)
The probe will be out of radio contact as it dives in between the planet's rings and cloudtops....


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