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Environmentalists and libertarians unite in HS2 criticism (22/2/2017)
Friends of the Earth and Taxpayers' Alliance are normally at odds on policy, but both criticise HS2...

Plastic from tyres 'major source' of ocean pollution (22/2/2017)
Particles of debris from car tyres are ending up in the ocean as "plastic soup", conservationists warn....

Meet the frog that can sit on a thumbnail (22/2/2017)
Seven new species of night frog have been discovered in India, including four miniature forms....

AAAS chief puts weight behind protest march (21/2/2017)
April's pro-science Washington rally has the full backing of the world's largest scientific membership organisation....

Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet sequel (20/2/2017)
The sequel to 2001's ocean series is due to be shown later this year on BBC One....

Eclipse to be turned into mega-movies (19/2/2017)
Citizen photos taken during August's total solar eclipse in the US will be spliced into continuous videos....

Naica's crystal caves hold long-dormant life (19/2/2017)
Long-dormant microbes are found inside giant crystals of the Naica mountain caves - and revived....

Gravity probe exceeds performance goals (19/2/2017)
The long-planned space mission that seeks to detect gravitational waves is on course to be selected this summer....

Ocean mapping XPRIZE cuts teams to 21 (18/2/2017)
The international competition to drive innovation in seafloor mapping announces the teams that will take part in its semi-final stage....

Zealandia: Is there an eighth continent under New Zealand? (18/2/2017)
It's almost all under water, but Zealandia should be considered a continent, say researchers....


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