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US to honour 'dumb' Australia migrant deal (22/4/2017)
The US agrees to accept asylum seekers under a resettlement plan previously condemned by President Trump....

Australia warns of Anzac Day terror threat in Turkey (6/4/2017)
Information suggests that terrorists may seek to target Anzac Day commemorations, Australia says....

Dutch student flies to Sydney, Nova Scotia by accident (1/4/2017)
A Dutch student who intended to fly to Australia found himself in Sydney, Nova Scotia in the middle of winter....

Dutch raids target 'tax evaders' in Europe and Australia (31/3/2017)
Gold bars and luxury cars are among items seized by prosecutors in raids in five countries....

Sailors rescued from 'enormous seas' off Australia (9/3/2017)
Sailors tell of waves "the size of buildings" after their yacht broke in remote seas off Australia....

'Justin Bieber impostor' on 931 child sex-related charges (9/3/2017)
The man posed as the singer online to gain explicit material from children, Australian police say....

James O'Connor and Ali Williams charged in Paris over cocaine (27/2/2017)
The former Australian and New Zealand internationals were arrested outside a Paris nightclub....

James O'Connor and Ali Williams held on Paris cocaine charge (26/2/2017)
The former Australian and New Zealand internationals were buying cocaine, police sources say....

Australian ex-PM Kevin Rudd berates Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu (23/2/2017)
Kevin Rudd accused the Israeli leader of "torpedoing" peace negotiations in the Middle East....

Israeli PM criticises UN 'hypocrisy' on historic Australia visit (22/2/2017)
Benjamin Netanyahu receives support from his Australian counterpart on a historic visit....


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