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The choir that can never sing together (16/12/2017)
The Christmas song recorded by singers at risk of serious infection if they meet face-to-face....

How the lightsaber was born (16/12/2017)
The fantasy weapon was made from the handle of a 1940s press camera....

Hugh Jackman's novelty top hat trick (16/12/2017)
The Australian actor performed the trick for the "6,000th" time and described how he'd be spending Christmas....

Glenn Miller mystery: Notebook sheds light on death (15/12/2017)
Glenn Miller's plane vanished over the Channel without a trace in 1944....

BBC appoints Fran Unsworth as new head of news (15/12/2017)
Fran Unsworth is appointed the new BBC director of news, replacing James Harding, who leaves in 2018....

V Festival: 'No police stationed' at 2017 event (15/12/2017)
No police were present inside V Festival in Essex this summer because of a dispute over money, the BBC understands....

Why Pitch Perfect stands out in Hollywood (15/12/2017)
The Pitch Perfect movies may have been successful, but they also remain unique in the film industry....

Dick Whittington panto jokes 'too smutty' for children (15/12/2017)
The star told rude jokes and invited the audience to chant 'Alice loves Dick', says an angry mum....

Disney-Fox: Five things it could mean (15/12/2017)
The BBC's Andrew Neil has five things the $52.4bn (39bn) tie-up could mean....

Harry Potter gets a weird new chapter from a computer (15/12/2017)
Harry Potter and the Portrait of What Looked Like a Large Pile of Ash is the title of a new story created by computer wizards....


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