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American woman gives birth during family trip to a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska (27/4/2017)
Kymica Hubbard was on a family day out at a zoo in Omaha, Nebraska, when she went into early labour....

Air pollution: 'Heart disease link found' (27/4/2017)
Extremely small particles of air pollution have the potential to end up in the body, a study suggests....

'Exciting' blood test spots cancer a year early (27/4/2017)
The discovery allows doctors to detect returning tumours earlier and increases chances of a cure....

Postpartum haemorrhage: Cheap lifesaver 'cuts deaths by a third' (27/4/2017)
A drug to stop bleeding after labour could cut deaths by a third, research suggests....

Inside a neonatal intensive care unit (26/4/2017)
What does it take to care for the sickest premature babies? 5 live takes a look inside the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Burnley General hospital....

Exercise 'keeps the mind sharp' in over-50s, study finds (26/4/2017)
The brain is fed with more oxygen and nutrients, boosting thinking and memory skills....

Premature lambs kept alive in 'plastic bag' womb (26/4/2017)
Scientists were able to keep premature lambs alive for a month using an artificial "plastic bag" womb....

'The grief can damage your mental health' (25/4/2017)
Survivors say the pain of bereavement can easily push people into mental illness without proper support....

'I've given up everything to care for mum' (24/4/2017)
Sue Jenkins says she has given up her life to care for her 88-year-old mother who has dementia....

Princes open up about Diana for mental health campaign (22/4/2017)
Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge spoke frankly about Diana's death....


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