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Jeepers Creepers (22/2/2017)
After the actress ate a spider's leg, we look at whether the UK should embrace eating insects....

Inside the first children's hospital to get top marks (22/2/2017)
This Birmingham hospital is the first of its kind to get top marks from inspectors....

Is this snail the next medical breakthrough? (22/2/2017)
The Conus regius is a species of cone snail that paralyses its prey with venom....

What future for E numbers after Brexit? (22/2/2017)
How Brexit might create complications for the way food in the UK is labelled....

Testosterone replacement for men 'trade-off with risks' (22/2/2017)
In those deficient, the therapy may improve bone health, but at what cost?...

Brain scans 'may spot teen drug problems' (22/2/2017)
Brain scans may help predict which teenagers go on to develop drug problems, a study suggests....

Life expectancy to break 90 barrier by 2030 (22/2/2017)
Women in South Korea will be the first in the world to live an average of 90 years....

Is positive thinking making us depressed? (21/2/2017)
We should not 'sugar-coat' the negative aspects of life, says author Svend Brinkmann...

David Baddiel on impact of dad's dementia (21/2/2017)
Comedian David Baddiel has made a documentary about the impact of his father's rare form of dementia....

Breast cancer diagnosed after breastfeeding problem (21/2/2017)
When her baby boy stopped breastfeeding, Sarah Boyle insisted on a hospital scan....


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