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'Role model' nurses inspire cancer survivor (24/3/2017)
A woman who survived cancer as a girl has been inspired to take up nursing....

Drug 'reverses' ageing in animal tests (24/3/2017)
Mice had more stamina, hair and improved organ function with the drug....

Online care home bed booking system aims to cut hospital bed blocking (22/3/2017)
The system is aiming to reduce hospital bed blocking with real time bookings of care home beds....

Down's syndrome mum: 'Don't feel sorry for us' (22/3/2017)
A mother who has two children with Down's syndrome says she wants the world to know she's proud of them....

How a life model uses nudity to explain his disability (22/3/2017)
Kevin French poses as a nude life model to explain more about his disability....

Down's syndrome teenager addresses the UN in Geneva (22/3/2017)
A teenager with Down's syndrome has addressed the United Nations in Geneva asking them "why all this testing?"...

'Wide awake drunk' on energy drinks and alcohol mix (22/3/2017)
Mixing caffeine-laden energy drinks with alcohol is a risky combination on a night out, scientists warn....

Dementia diary: 'When your mother doesn't know who you are' (21/3/2017)
Joey Daley documents life with his mother after she was diagnosed with dementia....

Hot chocolate serving 'has more salt than packet of crisps' (21/3/2017)
Every category of packaged food except one is exceeding target salt levels, a survey finds....

Sperm swimming technique 'all down to simple maths' (21/3/2017)
Knowing why some sperm succeed and others fail could help treat male infertility, researchers say....


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