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Ads in your eye (24/3/2017)
How new technologies are transforming outdoor advertising....

Malaysia screen legend gets Google tribute (24/3/2017)
P. Ramlee enjoyed fame across South East Asia, even reaching as far as Hong Kong and Japan....

Fruit-shaped sensor 'can improve freshness' (24/3/2017)
The sensor comes in orange, apple, banana and mango varieties and alerts to cooling problems....

Urban spies (23/3/2017)
How much data do you give away during your average day in the city?...

UK digital-tech sector growing twice as fast as economy (23/3/2017)
Salaries for people working in the digital-tech sector have soared in the last five years....

Is the UK Europe's best hub for tech workers? (23/3/2017)
UK tech is 'leaps and bounds ahead of anywhere else?...

Twitter shuts 377,000 'terrorism' accounts (23/3/2017)
Twitter says it shut nearly 377,000 accounts for promoting terrorism in the second half of 2016....

Plusnet fined 880,000 for billing former customers (23/3/2017)
An investigation by Ofcom found the ISP had overcharged former customers by more than 500,000....

Pupils need internet lessons to thrive online, say Lords (22/3/2017)
Online risks, responsibilities and acceptable digital behaviour "should be mandatory in all schools"....

Royal Navy to hold biggest cyber war games (22/3/2017)
The Royal Navy is to hold its first large scale cyber war games during a major Nato exercise taking place in and around Scotland....


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