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AI helps write Harry Potter fanfiction and other news (16/12/2017)
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best of the week's technology news stories....

Sky and BT sign channel sharing deal (16/12/2017)
BT will supply its sports channels to Sky, while selling Sky's Now TV service to its customers....

Vodafone offers thousands early contract exit (16/12/2017)
The mobile network was not clear enough about new fees, telecoms regulator Ofcom says....

Million Britons miss out on 'decent' broadband speeds (16/12/2017)
Many Britons still struggle with slow broadband, finds report from communications regulator Ofcom...

Fast/slow lanes (15/12/2017)
An introduction to the net neutrality debate after US regulators voted to change the rules....

GTA Online: Frank Ocean has a new radio station in the game (15/12/2017)
In the GTA Online's latest update, Frank brings his Beats 1 Blonded radio show to Los Santos....

NatWest bank security spat prompts fix (15/12/2017)
The bank told a security expert "sorry you feel this way" when a potential vulnerability was found....

'Flirty secretary' smart assistant taken offline in China (15/12/2017)
The avatar, which could be made to flirt and dance, is offline after a suggestion it objectified women....

Star Citizen game makers being sued (15/12/2017)
Crytek alleges Roberts Space Industries (RSI) and Cloud Imperium Games "have caused substantial harm"....

Schools warned over hackable heating systems (15/12/2017)
A researcher finds dozens of UK schools' smart heating systems are vulnerable to being attacked....


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