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UK watchdog to pursue essay-cheat sites (22/2/2017)
The universities minister is calling for tough action against the misuse of essay-writing services....

EE shows off helium balloon mobile masts (22/2/2017)
They will be used in a UK rural area this year, the mobile phone network says....

Lemur facial recognition tool developed (22/2/2017)
A method that can identify individual lemurs could improve the way the endangered species is tracked....

FBI pressured on cost of iPhone hack tool (22/2/2017)
Three news organisations have asked a judge to force the FBI to reveal how much it paid to unlock an iPhone....

Facebook deletes fake child-cancer posts accounts (22/2/2017)
Two accounts that stole pictures of a sick child and falsely claimed he had cancer are deleted by Facebook....

How hackers could use doll to open your front door (21/2/2017)
As the National Cyber Security Centre opens, we discover how your smart devices could be a threat....

Tech for your cat including a remote-controlled mouse (21/2/2017)
BBC Click?s Lara Lewington looks at some of the latest tech for your cat....

Hacking toasters (21/2/2017)
With hacking potential, people need to have more security on their basic home appliances...

Faster drugs? (21/2/2017)
How cloud computing is speeding up the development of potentially life-saving drugs....

Tech regret: Five inventors who questioned their creations (21/2/2017)
Inventors who, like Mark Zuckerberg, have looked back with mixed feelings on what they created....


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